Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 prices leak to European retailers, Dbrand introduces Fold3 skins


Samsung’s stilt teaser campaign for upcoming foldable flagships leaks more often than it’s released on purpose. The latest tear in the calf of secrecy comes from European retailers, who already list the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, as well as Dbrand, which has brand new skins ready for the Fold.

LamdaTek apparently has Z Fol3 units on hand in Phantom Green, Phantom Silver and Phantom Black. There are two versions, one with 256 GB and one with 512 GB of storage.

The first is quoted at €2,038.63 including vat, or about £1,765. Another retailer has it at £1726.50 with VAT. The 512 GB model costs €2,165.66 at the first retailer and €1,834.08 at the second. For comparison, the Galaxy Z Fold2 (256GB) currently costs €1,600/€1,600 on

LT also offers the Galaxy Z Flip3 (128 GB) at € 1,187.98 including vat and the 256 GB model at € 1,250.01. The current Galaxy Z Flip 5G (256 GB) is at €1,350. The new model will be available in a wide variety of colors: Phantom Black, Dark Blue, Grey, White, Cream, Green, Light Pink and Lavender. You can see renderings showing these colors here.

Les prix des Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 et Z Flip3 fuient chez les détaillants européens, Dbrand montre des skins

Compared to the leaked Korean prices, both models are much more expensive, so take these numbers with a pinch of salt.

Meanwhile, Dbrand posted this tweet showing a variety of skins and envelopes for the Galaxy Z Fold3:

You can play with the different color combinations on, there are skins for the back panel and camera island. By the way, the site lists the same three colors as the retailer: black, silver and green.

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