Huawei could use Qualcomm chips for its P50 series, due to the shortage of Kirin SoCs


According to a new report, Huawei will mix and match when it comes to chipsets and its P50 series of smartphones. The rumor seems to be perfectly in line with a similar report in June as well. Due to the U.S. trade ban, the company has a limited stock of Kirin 9000 SoCs and they simply won’t be enough for all P50 units. Qualcomm chips are therefore the obvious substitution here.

Given that the U.S. government must explicitly allow every U.S. company to do business with Huawei, there are some obstacles. For example, Huawei cannot produce more of its Kirin 9000 chipsets and the amount it has in stock will simply not reduce it for a full version of the P50 range.

However, the use of Qualcomm chips has its own trade-offs and that is the lack of support for 5G. The current trade ban prevents Huawei from using 5G technology. The source therefore expects the vanilla P50 to use a 4G version of the Snapdragon 888. It is supposed to be launched between early and mid-August.

The Pro model, meanwhile, will start with units equipped with Kirin 9000, again in August. But by December, experts believe that Kirin SoC’s offering will be exhausted and the company will be forced to use Snapdragon chips.

There were no words about the P50 Pro+ on this report, so we can only guess its faith.

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