New live photo of ZTE Axon 30 reveals improved UD camera


ZTE is expected to bring the Axon 30 this month, and the phone will have an under-screen camera, just like the predecessor Axon 20. Neither Fei, president of the company’s mobile devices has already promised a next-generation solution of technology, and today we saw a leaked live photo, revealing the final product.

The problem with the Axon 20, the first commercial smartphone with a front camera under the screen, was that the OLED matrix didn’t let enough light through and Visionox had to compromise with the visual experience.

We expect ZTE to reveal exactly what was improved at launch, but our assumptions are that there are a combination of OLED improvements and UI fixes.

What we do know is that the display will support a refresh rate of 120 Hz and will have 400 ppi above the camera – that’s double what ZTE offered in the Axon 20.

The phone has been certified with a 55W fast charge, and while we don’t know much more, it will likely run on a flagship chipset like the Snapdragon 870 or Dimensity 1200.

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