No ear (1) to have a 24-hour battery life with ANC enabled


Nothing throws his ear (1) The TWS headphones next Tuesday, and Carl Pei, the company’s CEO, revealed some juicy details in an exclusive interview with CNET. Portable audio devices will come with a semi-transparent case with a 570 mAh battery and supporting wired fast charging, as well as wireless.

Battery life will be enough for 24 hours of music with ANC or 36 hours without noise cancellation, and a 10-minute fast charge will be enough for 6-8 hours of playback.

The case and headphones will have transparent elements, and Pei revealed during the interview that it was extremely difficult to achieve this. Accessories need all kinds of microphones, batteries, a Bluetooth module, and various antennas to work properly, and they bring an added challenge when they need to be tidy to look pretty.

The reason why nothing is going right for TWS headphones as a first product is because it expects this market to continue to grow. The seamless design is the company’s attempt to stand out in a host of mostly white headphones with stems, including Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme and others.

Rien d'oreille (1) pour avoir une autonomie de 24 heures avec ANC activé

The Nothing ear (1) is already being manufactured, Pei confirmed. He said another product is expected to be released by the end of the year, but did not reveal any other details.

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