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These days we can say that every single portable application speak with in any event one worker to accumulate information and show to the client. We have to make powerful information vaults so as to give quick and strong applications that can beat numerous awful circumstances like terrible web access, steady changes from portable information to wifi arranges, or immersed backends that may not react in the normal time.

What is flexibility?

Versatility is the capacity to deal with fractional disappointments while proceeding to execute and not crash. For instance, applications that impart over systems (like administrations conversing with a database or an API) are dependent upon transient disappointments. These transitory shortcomings cause organizing issues, and different issues that travel every which way and are difficult to recreate.

Retry Pattern utilizing RxSwift

The retry design is one of the most effortless and successful systems to manage those transient issues that can influence our versatile applications. Building this kind of mistake dealing with instruments can be troublesome and bug-inclined. Utilizing RxSwift you have a technique that consequently does that for you.

.retry(maxAttemptCount: Int)

This technique depends on the retry administrator depicted in ReactiveX documentation:

“The Retry administrator reacts to an onError notice from the source Observable by not going that call through to its onlookers, yet rather by resubscribing to the source Observable and allowing it one more opportunity to finish its arrangement without mistake. ”



This technique can be utilized on an ObservableType (Single<T>, Observable<T>, and others… ) and will quickly re-buy in the source grouping in the event that it gets an onError occasion setting off the arrangement once more. In the model, someApiCall() restores a recognizable succession with the reaction of an API call.

This will permit us to retry the solicitation on the off chance that it fizzles, yet as this will trigger the solicitation as it falls flat, this might be not perfect if the gadget can’t get administration rapidly or the worker is immediately over-burden. In those circumstances, we would need to hold up a couple of moments subsequent to retrying the solicitation.

On account of the RxSwift people group we have a venture called RxSwiftExt which has a great deal of comfort techniques that do this sort of task:

This expansion has a few sorts of retry system, it’s called RepeatBehaviour and has:

.quick: same as the one in RxSwift.

.delayed:  applies a deferral between retries.

.exponentialDelayed: same as postponed yet the defer time will augment exponentially between retries.

.customTimerDelayed: we can give our custom defer clock.


.retry(.exponentialDelayed(maxCount: 5, beginning: 1.0, multiplier: 2.0))

So on the off chance that we change the guide to utilize RepeatBehaviour.exponentialDelayed the first retry will be postponed by 1 second, the second retry by 2 seconds, the third by 4 seconds, etc. In the event that we don’t get any achievement occasion after five retries the retry administrator will trigger a mistake occasion to the hidden arrangement.

Including a custom break

On the off chance that for reasons unknown we need to set a custom break for a given solicitation we can utilize the break administrator. This administrator produces a break blunder occasion if the source arrangement doesn’t discharge any occasion in the given due time.

.timeout(dueTime: RxTimeInterval, scheduler: SchedulerType)

We can consolidate this administrator with the retry as follows:


.timeout(RxTimeInterval.seconds(5), scheduler: MainScheduler.instance)


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