The leaked specs of the Samsung Galaxy M21 2021 Edition will let you scratch your head


The naming schemes used by different phone manufacturers have become increasingly complicated recently, with multiple names for the same phone in different markets, the same name being used for different phones in different markets, and even the same phone being sold under two or more names in the same market (hi , Xiaomi).

Samsung, however, wants to take the cake (of madness) with the Galaxy M21 2021 Edition. We have already seen it appear in the Google Play console, which has only revealed its model number. At the time, we didn’t have any specs that we could compare to the Galaxy M21 launched last year.

Today, a new leak brings us the full list of specs, and get ready for that – the Galaxy M21 2021 Edition is 100% identical to the Galaxy M21. We really hope that the source of this leak is false, because otherwise – what’s the point? Oh, wait, there’s a difference, not that it really matters.

The Galaxy M21 was launched on Android 10. The Galaxy M21 2021 Edition will be launched on Android 11. But – fun fact – the Galaxy M21 has already received the update to Android 11. So for all intents and purposes, these are the same phone, they just have two different names. For some reasons.

We assume Samsung wanted the M21 to feel fresh again, and the usual way to do that is to offer a minor spec update and label it something like M21 or even M22 or maybe M21 2021 Edition (although how many 21 in a name is too many?). This time, there is none of that. You get the same phone with a new name. Yay for progress.

We look forward to the launch press release, if there is one. Like the M21 before it, the 2021 M21 Edition is expected to debut in India. The release date is still elusive, but honestly, who cares? If you want the same phone, just buy an M21.

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