ZTE confirms that the Axon 30 5G will have a 120 Hz screen to go with the second generation UD camera


ZTE continues its teaser campaign for the Axon 30 5G, the next phone with a second-generation underscreen camera. The company released the first image last week and later confirmed that it had found a way to double the pixel density of the screen to 400 dpi in the area above the camera (this should make this area virtually imperceptible).

The ZTE Axon 30 5G will have a 120 Hz screen to accompany its UD camera

Now, the company confirms that the screen is receiving another upgrade – a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This represents an increase from 90 Hz on the Axon 20 5G, which had a first-generation UD camera. The announcement is accompanied by another image of the device.

It doesn’t show much, all you see is the wallpaper and the frame of the phone. That’s all you’re supposed to see. With the first generation system, the area above the camera was quite visible, especially with a bright background. You can read more about the Axon 20 5G and its camera in our review.

La première génération de caméra sous écran (Axon 20 5G) était assez perceptible dans certaines conditions
The first generation of camera under screen (Axon 20 5G) was quite noticeable under certain conditions

This area has only 200 ppi of pixel density, which prevented it from blending. Doubling that for the Axon 30 5G should mean that the area and the rest of the screen have the same density (the phone would have a 1080p+ panel, however this has not been officially confirmed).

ZTE hasn’t set an official reveal date for the Axon 30 5G, but rumor has it that it will happen on July 22. It’s Thursday next week, so we could see one or two more teasers until the unveiling.

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